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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Gambling can be addictive and may result in difficulties to stop even when you know it is causing issues. Gambling is not a solution for financial problems – only play for what you can afford to lose! Keep track of how much time and money you are spending online and take action if needed. Play responsibly and get in touch with us or use the online tools here should you have any concerns.

One bet too many?

We want our players to have fun while gaming at Betsafe, so we encourage you to gamble responsibly at all times. Gambling should be fun. Borrowing money to play, spending more than you can afford or using money set aside for other purposes is unwise and can lead to significant problems for yourself and others around you. The Betsafe team wants players to be safe with their gaming and wise with the way they play.

GamHelp Kenya

That's why we work with GamHelp Kenya, an independent center for Responsible Gambling oversight, education and research. They are a tech-driven call center equipped with e-therapy web-based and mobile platforms for digital gambling diagnosis and treatment.

GamHelp Kenya offers free 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people with gambling addiction. You can also contact them for help if you have a loved one who cannot control their gambling behaviour but are still in denial.

Call them toll-free 24/7 at 0800 000 023 for free gambling addiction treatment. You can also take their gambling addiction test to determine if you are a problem gambler? (*All calls & messages are free and totally confidential).

At GamHelp Kenya they also work with operators towards ensuring that their marketing campaigns do not appeal to those who are vulnerable to problem gambling.

At Betsafe we also work with the Global Gambling Guidance Group G4 which certifies Internet gaming sites for this purpose. Together we provide you with tools to prevent unhealthy gaming behaviour and enable you to play responsibly.


Young people under 18 are especially vulnerable for gambling. And for good reasons it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account and/or to gamble. Betsafe reserves the right to request proof of age from any customer and may suspend an account until adequate verification is received. Equally it is highly irresponsible and illegal to act as a envoy or agent for a person under 18 years.

Need to cool off?

Sometimes the heat of the moment can get the best of us. We can offer you a variety of cool off options, ranging from 24-hour Time-Outs to indefinite Self-Exclusion.

Take a Time-Out

Time-Outs allow you to take a short break from gaming at Betsafe. When you activate a Time-Out on your account, you will not be able to place any bets or transfer any money to your Betsafe account during the time-out period. You may activate a Time-Out by contacting Customer Care or online by following these steps:

  • Simply log in to your account and navigate to the logged-in right-hand 'user menu'.
  • Click on 'Responsible Gaming', then select the 'Time-Out' tab.
  • Here, simply select a time period for the Time-Out. You have the following options: 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week.
  • Once you have selected the time period, click 'Set' to complete the process.


Self-Exclusion allows you to stop yourself from gaming at Betsafe for a longer period of time. If you feel that you need a longer period or a permanent exclusion, please contact our Customer Care.

Please note that once your account has been self-excluded, it cannot be re-opened before the self-exclusion period is over. If you feel you have made an error, please contact our Customer Care department.

Budget Limits

Giving you the ability to control how much you are wanting to spend is highly important, which is why we offer a 'Budget Limit' tool.

The Budget Limit is purely based on how much of your own money you can deposit onto your Betsafe account in a single day. For example, if you were to set a Budget Limit of KSH 500, you won't be able to deposit more once this has been reached until the next day. Please note that the budget limit takes withdrawals into consideration, so if you were to deposit KSH 500 in the first part of the day and withdraw KSH 400 later on you may deposit another KSH 400 within the same day.

Setting your budget limit:

You can set a budget limit by logging in to your account and navigating to the logged-in right-hand 'user menu'. Click on 'Responsible Gaming', then select the 'Budget Limits' tab where you can enter the amount.

Changing your budget limit:

Budget limits can be changed at any time. When increasing the amount or removing the limit completely, a waiting period of 24 hours will apply. Making any decreases will take effect immediately.

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